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COR interlübke Studio



You can expect the best from a COR interlübke Studio, starting with excellent advice.

We give lovers of design-orientated living a detailed impression of the variety offered by the COR and interlübke collections. The most harmonious ideas for furnishings only emerge when you come into close contact with a piece of furniture. And then establish exactly what its qualities are, how much comfort it should provide. The best way to find that out is together, with us



Our planning concepts provide certainty and guarantee pleasure.

The pleasure of integrating your new piece of furniture, walk-in wardrobe or multi-piece sofa harmoniously into your living environment. Every dimension, every detail and every function, as well as materials and colours, need to be determined. Sketches or CAD plans complete the picture – and your eager anticipation.


Each customer order is something special that culminates in furniture produced specially for you.

Working together with the specialists in the factories we ensure that the furniture in question arrives on schedule at your office or home and is set up by experienced craftsmen.



Personal circumstances change, as do your furnishings.

We continue to look after you when your furniture programme is about to grow or be altered in the course of a move. Or when your are replanning or reorganising rooms. Naturally, this also applies to fabric or leather covers to treat your favourite couch to a fresh outfit after many years of use.


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